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19th Century Mantel Clock

19th Century Mantel Clock


circa 1870 - 1880

19th century bronze figurine mantel clock of Hercules retailed by Japy Freres Paris.

The bronze mantel clock depicts Hercules the hero of antiquity. Hercules stands with his club lowered to the ground and his arm resting on a tree trunk. The theme of the clock shows Hercules' labours and deeds, the Nemean lion skin draped around him, and the golden apple of the Hesperides in his left hand. The clock seems to capture the moment of rest after his heroic deeds.

The 8 day silk suspension movement strikes the hours and halves by count wheel. The white enamel dial is set with a bronze bezel. The hour numerals are in black and are of Roman style.


Height 49.00cm (19.29 inches)

Width 39.00cm (15.35 inches)

Depth 15.00cm (5.91 inches)

Stock No: 10662


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