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Sheraton Period Dining Chairs

Sheraton Period Dining Chairs


circa 1790 - 1800

Set of 8 late 18th century Sheraton period dining chairs. 

The dining chairs are of the highest quality and design with each of the chairs made with highly figured mahogany veneered head rails above a crisply carved central splat.

The seat is generous and over-stuffed in a floral pattern and the chair stands on square tapered legs.


Height 82.00cm (32.28 inches)

Width 48.30cm (19.02 inches)

Depth 48.30cm (19.02 inches)

Height Framed 85.00cm (33.46 inches)

Width Framed 56.00cm (22.05 inches)

Depth Framed 51.00cm (20.08 inches)

Stock No: 10608


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