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Small Marble Top Centre Table

Small Marble Top Centre Table


circa 1830 - 1840

Early 19th century George IV small marble top centre table.

The rectangular marble top is a highly figured specimen piece of Violet Breccia (Breccia Violetta or Brèche Violette) marble from Italy.

The marble top is detachable and stands on a well figured quatra form concave pedestal, raised on a concave shaped plinth base adorned with carved roundels. The side table stands on the original ebonised ball feet.

NB. The specimen marble was brought back from a 'Grand Tour' in the early 19th century and the base was commissioned at that point in time.


No 78 Violet Breccia
USUAL NAME: Violet Breccia - (Brèche Violette).
TRADE NAME: Idem, or Violet Breccia of Italy.
THE QUARRY: Seravezza, Carrara Basin, Italy.
PETROGRAPHY: Highly heterogeneous breccia with saccharoidal white marble elements, limestone crystallines in violets, greens or grey, venules of green chlorites; these elements were themselves formed from earlier breccia.
OBSERVATIONS: Found in the same deposit as Peach Tree Flower (Fleur de Pêcher); the most beautiful is that with the least white and the most violet. When the cement is not violet but grey, it is called Seravezza Breccia.
USES: Furniture, fireplaces, decoration, objets d'art.
THE QUARRY: The marble currently being extracted is a little different.
REFERENCES: Fireplace in the gaming salon at Versailles as well as the clock cabinet of Versailles. The Opéra Garnier, Paris.

Above extract taken from the publication: 'IDENTIFYING MARBLE' by Jacques Dubarry de Lassale (See cover photograph).


Height 73.00cm (28.74 inches)

Width 45.00cm (17.72 inches)

Depth 35.00cm (13.78 inches)

Stock No: 11388


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