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‘Royal’ Satinwood Table

‘Royal’ Satinwood Table


circa 1865 - 1875

An exceptional 19th century fiddleback satinwood table of diminutive size.

The oval-shaped top is crossbanded in kingwood with boxwood and ebony stringing. The satinwood edge sits above a shallow frieze.

The well figured satinwood frieze is crossbanded and strung throughout above an outer mahogany banding above a lower tier. The lower tier is matched to the top and is fitted to the finely shaped legs.

The table is impressed with a ‘Royal’ mark and is made by a fine cabinet maker working on a Royal Estate in the day.

The materials used are the finest; the construction is comprehensive; and it was made in the middle of the 19th century, with some 18th century satinwood veneers.

The cipher is for (son of Queen Victoria) Prince Albert aka Bertie who married Alexandra, Princess of Denmark. It was felt that they should have an establishment of their own and so they were given Marlborough House as their London residence. The house was expanded and remodeled for this task.

Bertie, the Prince of Wales, was no Victorian. Seemingly, everything that his mother viewed as a vice was something the Prince reveled in. He loved balls, socializing, gambling and the pleasures of the flesh.

Around him gathered a group of friends and acquaintances who were rich, often titled and eager for adventure. To Queen Victoria's horror, the 'Marlborough House Set' were often involved in public scandals that filled the newspapers.'




Height 56.00cm (22.05 inches)

Width 28.00cm (11.02 inches)

Depth 18.00cm (7.09 inches)

Stock No: 10693


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