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Rare Lacquer Japanned Tea Chest

Rare Lacquer Japanned Tea Chest


circa 1750 - 1760

A rare mid 18th century black lacquer and japanned tea chest.

The dome-shape topped tea chest is decorated on all sides. The sides and top all have a similar chinoiserie pattern with a central picture of japanned and lacquered scenes from China. The figures are in different colours and are still vibrant and of the highest quality.

The tea chest is fitted with the original hinges to the back which is decorated with ho ho birds picking fruit.

The tea chest opens to reveal the original blue velvet interior with a later glass mixing bowl. The tea cannisters are the originals and have decoration to the top and also to the bodies. Unusually the bodies of the cannisters are quite faded.

The scale and size of the tea chest is really important in that it dates back to the mid 18th century as does the lacquer work. Later chinoiserie and japanned tea caddies were often sarcophagus shaped or of other forms but not of this scale or this shape.




Height 18.00cm (7.09 inches)

Width 30.00cm (11.81 inches)

Depth 18.00cm (7.09 inches)

Stock No: 19020


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