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Pair of Regency Sand Pictures

Pair of Regency Sand Pictures

Pair of Regency Sand Pictures

Attributed to BENJAMIN ZOBEL


circa 1820

The sand pictures are of two dogs and of sheep in rural settings. Very pleasing scenes.


Benjamin Zobel(1762-1830), began his career as a confectioner and became a ‘Table Decker’ for the Prince Regent at Windsor Castle where he not only created the pictures made in coloured sugars that decorated the huge tarts served at banquets, but also the elaborate designs of coloured sands, marble dust, powdered glass or bread crumbs on the table cloth. Once he had found a way to stick sand to a base board he shook the coloured sands through a cut and pleated playing-card thus creating a permanent example of sand art.


Height 35.00cm (13.78 inches)

Width 51.00cm (20.08 inches)

Depth 8.00cm (3.15 inches)

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