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Pair of Grand Scale Tour Marble Hounds

Pair of Grand Scale Tour Marble Hounds


circa 1800 - 1815

Early 19th century Regency period ‘Grand Tour’ serpentine marble sculptures of the ‘Alcibiades Hounds’ or ‘Jennings Dogs’ as they are latterly known.

Modelled after the ancient Hellenistic original, these copies are of the Roman marble C2nd AD version that now sits in the British museum.

Thought to represent the legendary Molossian guard dog, or hound, of the Grecian statesman Alcibiades, it was acquired by Henry Constantine Jennings in Rome c.1756. It was subsequently sold in 1778 by Jennings to Hon. Charles Duncombe, in order to settle gambling debts. More recently it was bought for the nation from Duncombe Hall in 2001.

A similar pair of marble mastiffs are in the Belvedere Court, Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy.


Height 32.00cm (12.6 inches)

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