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Large Oval Regency Painted Tray

Large Oval Regency Painted Tray


circa 1810 - 1820

Early 19th century Regency period painted tray on stand.

The painting depicts a 'Bird of Paradise' perched on a branch amongst a cluster of flowers, surrounded by a gilded and painted border. The finely drawn border sits below a decorated rim that has been made with two open carrying handles. The vibrant colours of the tray are still evident today and the surface is in remarkable condition.

The tray sits on a modern simulated bamboo stand and is of sturdy construction. Although the stand is contemporary, we have improved the overall usage of the tray on stand by commissioning a piece of oval toughened 4 mm thick clear glass so that the tray can be used as a coffee table and will be heat resistant.

The tray is certainly high quality and possibly the work of 'DYSON & BENSON/LONDON' 1802-1826
St John's Street, Clerkenwell, PAPER TRAY MANUFACTORY


The rim does have some wear and tear in a few places which is consistent with its age and charm.


Height 48.50cm (19.09 inches)

Width 82.50cm (32.48 inches)

Depth 61.00cm (24.02 inches)

Stock No: 11391


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