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Imperial Stag by Bergman

Imperial Stag by Bergman


circa 1890 - 1900

Superb cold painted bronze by Franz Xavier Bergman (1861-1936). The stag is in excellent condition, retaining a good colour. The bronze is stamped/signed by the letter 'B' in a vase shape to the reverse. The stag is the largest scale of its type and stands well.


Franz Xaver Bergmann (or Franz Xaver Bergman) (July 27, 1861 – 1936) was the owner of a Viennese foundry who produced numerous patinated and cold-painted bronze Oriental, erotic and animal figures, the latter often humanised or whimsical, humorous objets d'art.
Bergman was noted for his attention to detail and use of wonderfully vibrant colours. Works from Bergman’s foundry are highly prized today by collectors. He signed with either a letter 'B' in an urn-shaped cartouche or 'Nam Greb' – 'Bergman' in reverse. These marks were used to disguise his identity on erotic works.
His father, Franz Bergmann, (September 26 1838-1894), was a professional chaser from Gablonz, now in the Czech Republic, who came to Vienna and founded a small bronze factory in 1860. Franz Xaver Bergman inherited the company and opened a new foundry in 1900. Many of the bronzes from the 1900s were still based on designs from his father's workshop.
Bergman is often incorrectly described as a sculptor but he himself was not the original artist for the works; he was the foundry owner. His workshops employed, on a temporary basis, many anonymous sculptors to execute his ideas. Bruno Zach employed Bergman to edit and cast some of his works, with some of the more erotic ones being signed as ‘Prof. Tuch’, a pseudonym used by Zach. At the turn of the 19th century there were about fifty workshops producing Vienna bronzes.
'Cold-painted bronze' refers to pieces, mainly from Vienna, cast and then decorated in several layers with so-called dust paint; the know-how for the mix of this kind of paint has been lost. The colour was not fired hence 'cold painted.


Height 28.00cm (11.02 inches)

Width 20.00cm (7.87 inches)

Depth 7.50cm (2.95 inches)

Stock No: 11314


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