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Fine Chinoiserie Embroidery Cabinet

Fine Chinoiserie Embroidery Cabinet


circa 1825 - 1835

Fine Regency penwork and chinoiserie embroidery table cabinet.

The table cabinet is of a diminutive size and is beautifully decorated in penwork throughout.

The top of the box lifts open to unlock the double doors. The bank of drawers to the inside is decorated and shows the original colour.

The penwork to the inside of the box is meant to be naïve but has obviously been executed by a professional.

The cabinet has been fitted with gilt brass carry handles and back plates and the box is raised on the original gilt brass ball feet.




Height 28.00cm (11.02 inches)

Width 22.50cm (8.86 inches)

Depth 15.00cm (5.91 inches)

Stock No: 19025


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