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An Exceptionally Rare Irish 18th Century Satinwood Inlaid Oval Table Attributed to John Wisdom of Dublin

An Exceptionally Rare Irish 18th Century Satinwood Inlaid Oval Table Attributed to John Wisdom of Dublin


circa 1785 - 1795

The segmental satinwood veneers with padouk borders are cross banded and inlaid with chestnut, kingwood, ebony, boxwood and 'barber' stringing. The oval top has a satinwood veneered edging and the top itself is centred with an inlaid floral motif consisting of rosewood, satinwood, padouk and mahogany. The satinwood frieze is cross banded with rosewood bandings divided by oval patarae. The oval patarae are finely inlaid with rosewood backgrounds and satinwood decoration and sit above a chequered border. The table is raised on square tapering legs that are finely inlaid with mahogany borders, chestnut flower bells and rosewood veneered capitals that terminate above the toes of the legs.

The table is of the highest quality and the design has been well executed using a wide variety of woods.
The list of materials is as follows; West Indian Satinwood, Moreton Bay Chestnut (Australia), Rosewood, Padouk, Mahogany, Kingwood, Boxwood, Brown Ebony and Black Ebony.

Two Labels to the underside of the table read as follows;
Est 1779
Fine Art Galleries,
29-30 Dawson Street,




The oval table can be attributed to the Dublin based cabinet maker John Wisdom for a number of reasons. The radiating segmental veneered satinwood and yew-wood tops relate closely to a table made by Wisdom for Newbridge House, Co. Dublin, circa 1790. The 1783-1814 accounts for Newbridge House record a payment made on 20 August 1790 for ‘A table of satinwood from J. Wisdom – £5.13.9.’ Other similar details are the cross-banding on the frieze and the square tapering satinwood legs. The quality of cabinet-making here present is certainly consistent with that of John Wisdom.


The Knight of Glin and James Peill – ‘Irish Furniture’ – Published by Yale University Press, 2007


Height 71.50cm (28.15 inches)

Width 76.00cm (29.92 inches)

Depth 52.80cm (20.79 inches)

Stock No: 11171


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