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Gillows 19th Century Walnut Cheval Mirror

Gillows 19th Century Walnut Cheval Mirror


circa 1860 - 1870

19th century carved walnut cheval mirror attributable to Gillows of Lancaster and London.

The arched shaped walnut frame with a thumbnail edge encases a stunning mercury plate that is amazing. The mercury mirror plate actually sparkles and, although it is clear to see yourself in, it is also so pleasing to see the glass patina.

The cheval mirror is adjustable to the sides and is bolted to a crisply carved walnut stand. The stand is very typical of Gillow's work and another outstanding feature is that the back is fitted with solid walnut panels. All Gillow style traits.




Height 166.37cm (65.5 inches)

Width 86.36cm (34 inches)

Depth 67.31cm (26.5 inches)

Stock No: 11498


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