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19th Century Open Display Cabinet

19th Century Open Display Cabinet


circa 1810 - 1820

Regency period early 19th century rosewood and specimen marble top open bookcase/display cabinet.

The octagonal marble specimen top is inset into the open bookcase. The 32 piece specimen top is with rosewood and brass mouldings and framed within the bookcase. The rosewood sides are cross grained and contrast well with the vertical cut veneers to the upright supports of the bookcase. The shelves that flank the uprights are on all four sides and can be used to display books/Grand Tour Souvenirs or Objets d'art.

The open display cabinet is raised on a well figured rosewood veneered plinth and mounted with brass mouldings.


Excellent original condition


Jacques Dubarry De Lassale

The marble specimen top is made of various samples that we have so far identified as follows:
Bohemian Breccia, Red Levanto, Norwegian Pink, Red Campan Griotte, Tavira Breccia, Duquesa Rosa, Verdun Breccia, Sarrancolin, Pink Cipolin, Trets, Yellow Safra, Grand Mix Napoleon, Yellow Lez Breccia, Saint-Pons, Patricia Green, Maurin Green, Tinos Green, Saint-Laurent Black, Northern Grand Antique, Black Marquina, and White Veined Carrara.


Height 89.00cm (35.04 inches)

Diameter 44.20cm (17.4 inches)

Stock No: 11390


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