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19th Century Marble Top Table

19th Century Marble Top Table



circa 1815

Early 19th century kingwood and ormolu mounted marble top centre table.

The gilt ormolu slip that sits around the marble is etched and framed with a kingwood border and a crisply cast 'Egg and Dart' moulding. The three supporting legs are adorned with gilt brass mounts and stand on a decorated and embellished triform concave plinth base. The centre motif is akin to the supporting centre plinth that is fitted with a gilt brass border and the table stands on its original gilt brass castors.

Edward Holmes Baldock (1777-1845) is first recorded in 1805 at 7 Hanway Street, London as a ' in china and glass' and later in 1821 as ' antique and Ornamental furniture dealer'. By 1826 he had expanded his services to encompass '...buying, selling, exchanging and valuing china cabinets, screens, bronzes etc.' From 1832, until his death, he secured the royal patronage, firstly of William IV and then Queen Victoria to whom he was variously a purveyor of earthenware, glass and china. Furniture supplied by Baldock was often branded with the initials `EHB'. However it is not known whether such pieces were manufactured at Hanway Street or whether this was simply a retail outlet for goods designed by him and produced elsewhere. Much of Baldock's furniture was 18th century with 19th century adaptations. Typically these took the form of fashionable porcelain embellishments, a vogue he was ideally placed to exploit. Hence Baldock can be regarded as acting in the tradition of the eminent marchands-merciers such as Daguerre and Poirier rather than a manufacturer. In this capacity, Baldock played a significant role forming the leading collections of French furniture during the early 19th century, including those of George IV, William Beckford, George Byng M.P. and the Duke of Buccleuch.

This fine mid nineteenth century marble top centre table is of the character and quality of furniture supplied by Edward Holmes Baldock (1777-1845).
The marble is most likely Sarrancolin Ilhet and this marble is from the French side of the Pyrenees and was used extensively throughout the 19th century for furniture, fireplaces and decoration. Most notably 'The Hall of Mirrors, Chateau de Versailles'.


Height 74.00cm (29.13 inches)

Diameter 64.00cm (25.2 inches)

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